Benefits Of Quran


Holy Quran is the last divine book that was revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). This book is a complete code of life and solution for every problem that is arising in this world. It is a beacon of light and torchbearer in this era where Fitnahs (Trails) are coming into this world like raindrops. In this blog post we will find out how memorization and reading the Quran is a life-changing experience for millions of people all around the world so let’s begin.

Source of light for all human beings:

Quran is a book that is not beneficial only for Muslims but it is the ultimate guide for the whole of humanity and Quran has explained this concept in different verses. Quran is explaining itself as “هُدًى لِلنّاسِ وَبَيِّناتٍ مِنَ الهُدىٰ وَالفُرقانِ” “guidance for people and clearer proof of guidance and criterion” so when people read and memorise this Quran; this is not only beneficial for them but they are creating benefits for the whole humanity. So first of all we should understand that when a person is reading and memorizing the Quran he is preparing himself as the ambassador and carrier of an emblem of light for the whole of humanity.

Quran as the reward;   

Learning and reciting Quran is beneficial not only in this world but is rewarding for the hereafter as well. There are a lot of sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH that are explaining the rewards for reading and memorizing the Quran. According to the authentic hadith of the Holy prophet the person who memorizes the Quran will be rewarded with the special crown of honor. Similarly, other traditions have also explained rewards for parents who help their children to memorize the Holy Quran. On the other hand, a person who learns recitation of Holy Quran will also get high rewards and according to the authentic hadith when a person recites a verse then he will be rewarded for every word.

Learning Quran to achieve high morality:

Quran is the only book that is a complete code of life for every age and any person can take help from Quran to achieve higher grounds of morality. The Holy Quran teaches us about our behavior with others so when a person learns the Quran he will get guidance for each and every relation. If you want to make your children obedient then the holy Quran is the only book that will guide them toward the right path. If you are among parents then Quran will help you to achieve higher ranks hereafter by guiding your children toward the right path. Quran is the only book that will help you in the character building of your children so guide your children to achieve their success in this world and hereafter.

Learning Quran for tranquility and mental health:

In this age when lifestyle is highly affected by our bad lifestyle; Quran is the only source of tranquility and mental health. According to the verse we can achieve calmness of hearts تَطمَئِنُّ القُلوبُ only by remembering our God and Quran is the best source that can help us in calmness. As we can notice that due to our lifestyle mental health problems are increasing day by day and anxiety, especially during this Covid-19 situation, is increasing day by day so if you want to achieve mental peace and calmness then soothing recitation of the Quran can help you to tackle these issues.

Quran a complete code of life:

Quran is the book that is offering a complete code of life and a complete lifestyle according to the Quran is a solution for every kind of discrimination in this world. Quran is the only book that is offering its guidance for every aspect of human life whether we look at the economic issues or social issues every guideline is present in this book. So the book that is offering solutions to every problem and guideline for every walk of life should be part and parcel of our lives. Learning the Quran can help you and your family to achieve calmness in your houses and in your nations. All the manmade systems are collapsing but when we learn about Quranic guidelines they are the solution for every problem. Learning recitation and memorisation is the first step to understand the meanings of hidden philosophies. If you are a Muslim then it is inevitable for you to get a true understanding of the Quran and learning its recitation and memorisation is the first step toward global peace. As a Muslim, it is the responsibility of every person to value this amazing book and spread its teachings all over the world so our platform is providing the best opportunity for you to learn this life-changing book.

Quran is easy:

There are different verses in the Quran that have explained that Allah Almighty has made this Quran easy for people so every one of us can learn the Quran. Our platform is the best opportunity for new learners and after the successful launch of the YouTube channel, we have now launched a website that will help learners from all around the world to get a basic understanding of learning Quran. Quran is an amazing book whose memorizers are in millions all over the globe and it is also a miraculous thing about it because when we look at its past as more than 1400 years have passed but it is still unchanged. Our platform is an endeavor in this regard to spread its teachings all over the world so learn from this platform and ask to make your children visit this amazing platform.

Final Words:

Quran is the last divine book and it has a complete code for human beings so every person has to learn and memorise this miraculous book. Learning Quran is easier than ever before because of this technological revolution so after the successful launch of the YouTube channel, we have created this amazing platform that will help you to learn Quran easily. So keep exploring different sections of our platform to understand, memorise and learn Quran more comprehensively and easily.